non bullshit blogging platform

if you skip a writing day, your content will be deleted

writer's block



lack of discipline





goal ambiguity

self doubt



cognitive overload


all of these don't matter when you just do your thing
and what's your thing?

exploring values and beliefs

analysing past experiences and identity

assessing personal strength

understanding emotional triggers and patterns

finding impact of hobbies on self discovery

reflecting on self care practices

investigating gut feelings

examining your sense of humour

establishing a consistent routine

evaluating past works for growth areas

practicing writing styles

expanding vocabulary and word usage

crafting dialogues

writing outside your comfort zone

practicing various points of view

mastering transitions

overcoming procrastination

tracking progress and goals

mindfulness and habit formation

embracing two minute rule

integrating breaks into daily routines

understanding habit loops

cultivating a growth mindset

celebrating small wins


experience the simplicity of expressing yourself, while we handle the rest

no likes and followers count

liberate yourself from the pressure of being likeable
while cultivating a more grounded mental wellbeing

we don't sell your data

we don't share your data with anyone,
and we don't use it to target you with ads

accountability + motivation

stay accountable with the risk of content
deletion + maintain a focused writing habit

consistent writing practice

strengthen your discipline and enhance
creative expression with consistent daily writing

daily writing

encourage daily writing habit
or pick your own pace


we respect your privacy,
your data is just yours

progress tracking

track your writing consistency
and progress over time


customizable notifications
to keep you on track

unlimited drafts

create and manage unlimited drafts
for ultimate expression

smart assist

undistracting ai features
to complement your creativity

share your work

option to share your writing,
if you choose to


earn badges for reaching
process milestones

writing powered by you + ai

ai is not here to replace you, but to complement your creativity,
guide your thoughts and provide a nudge when you need it

post suggestions

suggests you daily topics tailored to
your interests and writing style


feeling finder

reads between your lines to offer insights
on self-discovery and nuanced expression


writing feedback

learns from your posts and interests,
guiding you to become a better writer


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chat with the founder (me) at

start doing your thing
in a non-bullshit space